As days pass by, students continue hating English. Some have reasons, while some do not have any. There are areas in English that students dislike, and nothing can change their minds. When it comes to literature, reading, and writing, most students prefer giving up on English. Things have changed so much in the language, and that is one of the challenges students face. Students are different, and you do not expect them to read the same concepts.

Each person has different criteria for reading, and no way can change. Students feel embarrassed when teachers correct them in front of their peers. The first part that students do not consider is reading. They hate reading because it shows their weaknesses to other students. When a student is a slow reader, there is no way he/she will be comfortable reading with fast readers. When students who read better spot a lagging student, they will start making fun and make the learner less confident.

The next part that teachers struggle with is students’ hate for writing. Writing is complicated and has so many things that one has to consider. There are other reasons, but it is the strongest among the rest. Some words are the same, but you have to write differently. Such rules make everything about writing impossible to learners. There are many rules learners should know for them to be perfect writers. It is complicated because most of them do not have that time. It is hard to remember everything about writing because there is so much.

Literature makes things worse because it involves a lot of things. The literature that students struggle with now, got jotted a couple of years ago. The student has to be familiar with all the rules. He also has to consider the language that was put in place some years back.

Evaluation of Writing Class

When it comes to English, you do not know what to expect. You can attend a class and understand everything, but when it comes to applying the concept you have learned, it becomes invalid. To some students, it is very unpleasant at the same time, so they can pay someone to take your online class. When you are in college, you have to know the different writing styles and how to use them. You will have to write essays that will determine whether you are going to graduate or not.

There are books you can turn to if you want to improve your writing skills. Students should be able to know what to include and what not to add in their papers. That way, they will be able to learn fast and do the right thing. There is no way they will improve if there is nothing to show them the way. A book cannot contain every single aspect. When it has some of it, it can help them change their perspective and push harder. If students want to achieve their goals when it comes to writing, they need to make sure they practice as much as they can. When you put your heart into knowing something, there is no way you will encounter any challenge. Students should have an interest in English for them to enjoy the subject and excel.

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