At some point in life, many students struggle with mathematics homework. It is a familiar way of getting students to complain about mathematics. But why should most students share the same problem? Why should mathematics be challenging for most students?

You will find the reason for the above challenge by the time you finish going through this article.

Common Causes of the Challenge with Math Assignments


Dyscalculia is a learning problem that makes students find it hard to use shapes, number-related concepts, and formulas. It makes it hard for them to process numbers and comprehend math’s homework solving process. Such students are always far from the rest in mathematics performance. They also fail to improve with continuous practice.

Math Anxiety

Students with math anxiety usually experience a feeling of failure and fear that interferes with their performance. The pressure resulting from fear makes their brains freeze, and they fail to remember everything they learned in class.

Lack of A Good Foundation

Not all students struggling with mathematics have difficulty in learning. Many students experiencing challenges in math have a lack of a good foundation to succeed. Moving to another stage without comprehending the previous one can also cause a challenge in math performance. The student should never move to advanced material when not yet ready.

Difficulty in Relating Concepts

Math is full of an abstract concept. Learning can happen when you relate the idea to real life. With the advancement in math, problem understanding keeps on becoming tuff. Students should keep on working hard through practice to understand the abstract concepts.

Math Has Definite Answers

With math, it is either right or wrong. Unlike other subjects, you cannot work on errors. A student is either having an understanding of what is doing or not. Such makes math’s a frustrating subject to many students.

Math’s Concepts Build On Themselves

Mathematics concepts are cumulative. Complex concepts build from the simple ones. If your student fails to understand the elementary concepts, then he/she will have problems with the complicated concepts.

Student Mentality

Students walk in class, expecting it to be difficult, and so it becomes. Once the students walk into class with negative minds, they don’t understand the subject. Negativity kills confidence quickly, making the student lose motivation and perform poorly in class.

Focusing On Memorization Rather Than Understanding

Many students memorize concepts than understanding them. Cramming in math may work for a while, but as students move forward with complex problems, they disappoint the technique.

Math Needs a Lot of Practice

Math requires a lot of practice to understand complex concepts. Many students never enjoy math assignments; they, therefore, don’t give it time to practice. It is challenging for students to keep up with the concepts they learn without practicing.

Students Take Math to Be a Boring Subject

Most students hate math and feel that it is a boring subject. They are never excited about learning new concepts in maths. They give math’s minimal time before moving to other different activities.


Math is a subject that makes some students hate education. Some students fail to perform in mathematics not because math is hard but other challenges related to the learning environment. Mastering mathematical concepts need a lot of effort and dedication. Keep practicing skills. Parents and teachers can find different exciting ways of helping their children love maths and excel in it. The best way is by making mathematics learning fun.

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