What Does Assignment Mean?

A few things come to mind when we think of the definition of assignment. If you work or volunteer this likely means some kind of task that is given to you to complete with or without a deadline. If you are a college student, then you are likely thinking of a school assignment which is also a task but likely does come with a deadline and affects your grade. Our focus in this article is on the latter and we’re going to explain some things about its relation towards academic success and what you can do to manage your college assignment effectively

What Does Assignment Mean?

A school assignment – at any level – is used as a tool to help reinforce lessons and skills acquired in class. It’s used to help students prepare for future lessons as well as to help them practice for various types of exams. It also teaches students to develop self-discipline, manage priorities, and take initiative to work independently of the teacher. Every discipline imaginable has some type of assignment students must complete in any given quarter or semester.

Definition of Assignment

The assignment definition is quite simple to understand. The bigger question is if it is still necessary to impose specific tasks or work to measure a student’s ability to follow-thru with the challenge or the student’s knowledge and skill.

The fact is that the concept of a school assignment isn’t that old. It was invented in the early 20th century as a way to punish students by an Italian educator named Horace Mann. Since that time the concept has changed to become mandatory in most disciplines and a way to keep students working (or studying) outside of the class.

School Assignment vs College Assignment

Homework assignments given to students between K-12 are generally seen as a means to develop a good work ethic, build responsibility, giving confidence, and reinforcing valuable educational skills. This, however, has been debated in recent decades because of a lot of the unexpected negative side-effects that too much homework can be causing students at this age.

Some students, parents, and teachers feel that giving out homework assignments encroaches on students’ free time – time that could be spent developing social skills, exploring other pursuits, building strong familial bonds, and establishing healthy lifestyles. A lot of teachers, particularly, feel that their time is wasted as well – since homework isn’t an accurate measure of what a student’s level of understanding or ability to complete tasks is.

A college assignment, however, is viewed differently because it is viewed as a necessary tool for preparing students to become productive citizens. It’s much more closely tied to a student’s future professional success. If a college student cannot manage assignments, then that student will likely not have an easy time landing a job and starting a career. Many employers, in fact, look towards a student’s academic success – which is tied to their homework scores – as a means to determine that student’s motivation and ability to perform independently.

Of course, there is still a lot to be said on the assignment debate. But we do know that for the time being it is simply a concept for giving somebody specific tasks or work by an authority figure (teachers and professors). Need help with your assignments? Our professionals can alleviate a lot of the stress you feel from having to deal with difficult or too many assignments.