Homework has created tension between the school and the family. Studies over time have shown that the majority of students dread the word homework. For the majority of them, it is an unnecessary stress that they are made to go through after the long hours of work in the school.

The supporters of homework have strong reasons to back the retention of homework in schools. They are of the view that it will be in the best interest of students if the approach to it is right. And what is the right approach according to their findings? Homework must be personalized for each student in order to create a balance between parent and child.

Homework should be related to what the student was taught in the class earlier in the day. The objective is to target a situation where the students will be made to recall what they have been taught in school when they get home. If homework is outside what was taught in the class earlier; the whole idea will be defeated and issues that call for worry will arise. 

Traditional homework

This is a module that is generic across the entire class. In this type, there is a general assumption. It is assumed that every student is the same. Each student is assumed to have the same IQ; the level of concentration and capacity. This is a lazy approach to this subject matter.  With this type of homework; students that cannot cope will feel rightly stressed up unnecessarily. 

Personalized approach

When the learning topic for the next class is shared among parents, they are asked to work out modalities individually with their kids at home; the issue of homework being a burden will be reduced. With a personalized approach results better than the traditional approach will be achieved. When students explore topic featured on 123Homework blog when at home on an individual basis: it will help the learning process a lot. 

Alternative educational system

School age in Finland starts at age seven and the students are little assigned homework. Yet, they have one of the best educational systems in the world. They base their system on trust. Parents trust schools to deliver the best results and schools trust their teachers to give the best quality. There is little homework and they rate very high in their educational system even above the UK. 

Developing skills for future

After consideration of the different approaches; it is seen that the “I-inquiry” projects. It involves an introduction to the use of iPads which will help boast research skills in the students. The project allows students to be more involved and engaged in their learning at a deeper level of understanding. This will afford students the opportunity to develop a wide range of life skills that will be useful in later life.  

Final thoughts

Homework is never a waste of time if it is applied in the right way. When it is targeted at the individual student; the results that mattered will be recorded. The fact that each student comes in with different learning capacities should be put into consideration when homework is assigned.

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